Tool-Tuff Gas Powered Drill, 1/2" Chuck, Comes w/13mm Wood Bit

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ToolTuff 2-Stroke Gasoline Powered Lightweight Portable Drill 
1/2" Chuck, Comes with 13mm bit
  • Lightweight and Powerful, this affordable, high quality portable drill will make quick work of those construction and maintenance projects that are too remote or inconvenient to use electric tools.  
  • 11.7 lb (dry weight, drill only)
  • 1/2" chuck
  • Rated for maximum 22mm diameter (about 7/8" Diameter) drill bits
  • 1/2" chuck
  • Comes with 13mm diameter bit - 8.5" usable length
  • Sturdy handle allows multiple holding positions
  • 0.65L Tank capacity
  • Well balanced and easy to wield
  • 1 hp 2-stroke gasoline engine
  • 30:1 Mixture gas:oil
  • 25cc displacement
  • Easy-start pull cord system
  • EPA Approved 
  • Manufactured specially for us in the same factory that produces many well known brands with a similar color scheme
  • 1 year warranty, backed by our exceptional customer service

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