22 Ton HyperSplit High-Speed Traversing Hydraulic Log Splitter (FREE shipping to commercial address)

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Hyper Split High-Speed 22 Ton Hydraulic Log Splitter 
*This "free shipping" is to a commercial address or address with a fork lift/tractor/method of unloading from the back gate of a semi truck - for "residential delivery" orders, please purchase through our "residential delivery" listing for this same splitter.
Designed in Golden, Colorado
Free shipping to the lower 48!*
"There are regular ole' slow hydraulic splitters, then there's Hyper Split!"
Our Hyper Split high-speed hydraulic log splitters have an exclusive hydraulic system that allows them to split wood over 60% faster than traditional splitters with similar specs. 
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"A wood pile that took me a day to produce with my old splitter was split and stacked by the afternoon, leaving me more time for my family." 
Our Hyper Split high-speed hydraulic log splitters are just as reliable as the tried-and-true traditional splitters.  When you can split wood 60% faster, time isn't the only thing you'll save...
Order a Hyper Split today, and enjoy the advantages!
  • Time Saved is Time off! Spend it with your family, or tend to other tasks!
  • Lower Fuel Cost per Cord 
  • 6 Second (Out and Back) Cycle Time vs. 10 Second Cycle Time of Traditional Splitters
  • Adjustable-Detent, Tunable Valve Keeps Your System Running Reliably Year After Year 
  • 3 Year Factory Parts Replacement Warranty (1 Year for Hydraulic Components and Engine)
Features and Specifications:
  • High-Speed 4" Bore Hydraulic Cylinder
  • Log Table / Work Table Included (Mounts to Either Side)
  • 60% Faster Cycle Time than Traditional Hydraulic Splitters
  • 11 GPM Two-Stage Hydraulic Pump
  • Adjustable-Detent Valve
  • Vertical or Horizonal Operation
  • Handle at Front End of Beam for Ease of Positioning
  • Rubber Damper Beneath Front Beam Mount when Connected (Less Rattling During Transport!)
  • 12" DOT Rated Tires
  • 196CC OHV Easy-Starting Gasoline Engine
  • Hydraulic Fluid Temperature Gauge on Tank
  • Spring-Clip Tow Chains
  • Sturdy A-Frame Stand Allows Rock-Solid Stability, Folds Up for Towing
  • 3 Year Factory Parts Replacement Warranty (1 Year for Hydraulic Components and Engine
  • Hydraulic Tank Holds 7 Gallons of AW32 Hydraulic Oil (NOT PROVIDED)
  • Engine Oil Not Included (20 oz 10W-30)
Assembly Requirements:
  • The Hyper Split comes partially assembled in a crate and can be quickly assembled with basic hand tools
  • Beam and hydraulics are all mounted, all you do is bolt on the wheels, log table and tongue, then attach the beam to the chassis and add fluid
  • This keeps shipping costs down and delivery more reliable

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