4 Section Hydraulic Flow Divider FMA-4R4.2S

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FM Rotary Flow Dividers are designed to synchronize the operation of multiple (matched) cylinders or hydraulic motors; to provide proportional division of a single pump output to several circuits; to intensify flow pressure when higher pressure than pump capacity is required; or to combine flows from two sources to provide a single greater flow to a hydraulic cylinder or motor. All feature differential pressure relief valves on each section and high-pressure seals. the housing material is Aluminum.


  • Model: #FMA-4R4.2S
  • Sections: 4
  • Displacement: .2648 CID (per section)
  • Minimum inlet flow: 3.44GPM
  • Standard inlet flow: 6.88GPM
  • Maximum inlet flow: 13.76 GPM
  • Port threads: 7/8-14UNF (In & Out) 
  • Dimensions: L0=2.992, L1=7.001, L2=10.57
  • Function: Divider/Combiner
  • Valve type:  Flow divider

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