Tractor or Skid-Steer Bucket Clamp-On Pallet Forks - Reinforced Light Duty

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Quickly & easily turn your tractor or skid steer bucket into a fork-lift / pallet loader!

This bucket accessory uses screw clamps to easily attach to a tractor or skid steer loader, making the process of moving heavy items an efficient one person job.  Comes with fork stabilizer to ensure operation goes as planned.                     

  • Minimum 28" of clamp-able bucket width needed
  • Max span 45" wide between outer edges of forks
Operating Range
1400 lbs
 Designed for tractors up to 25 HP
Product Weight Forks: 79 lbs
Stabilizer: 15 lbs
Product Size
Length: 54"
Usable Length: 40"
Bucket Engagement: 11"
Fork Width: 3.25"
Shipping Weight 94 lbs.

Maximum Weight Capacity: 1400 lbs., dependent on tractor’s bucket capacity

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