About Tool Tuff Direct, LLC

Tool Tuff Direct, LLC is a grass roots company founded to bring high-quality, useful tools to the outdoor living industry at affordable prices. Our customers know the best way to get something done right is to do it themselves, and we're well aware they need the best tools to get the job done fast at a reasonable cost to save money for life's adventures.

The business was built from scratch by a few friends originally brought together by previous careers in the farm & agriculture industry. We have decades of experience with hydraulics, log splitters, post hole diggers and other farm & ag equipment. Tool Tuff has given us the experience to offer unbeatable customer service and the flexibility to offer customized products and solutions.

We supply OEM companies, retail stores, and sell direct to our customers via our website, eBay and Amazon.

We have several engineers and designers on staff to provide custom products and OEM artwork/labeling to fit any need. 

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