10 Ton Hydraulic Power Hoist for Dump Trailer

ToolTuff Direct

SKU: 26-202

10 Ton (20,000 lbs) Hydraulic Power Hoist for dump trailer. 

This kit includes everything to get your dump trailer up and running, including hydraulic hoses, fittings, frame and cylinder. Only thing you need to supply is a battery.
Weld the hoist to your vehicle's frame and you are ready to use the system.  

We recommend using N46 hydraulic oil with a viscosity of 15-68 cst.
An oil change after the initial 100 operational hours is recommended and every 3000 hours after that. 


Part Number: 26-202

Rating: 10 Ton

Pressure: 2320 psi

Power: 2.2 kw

Voltage: 12V/24V

Cycle Time: 50 sec

Kit Includes:

Hydraulic Power Unit

Hoist Assembly (steel frame and hydraulic cylinder)

Hydraulic Hose Assembly (6.5’ each)

Hydraulic Fittings

Load Control

Failure preventative valve

Safety Arm

Remote control with (5’ cable)

**Please note, the photos that are shown are of the 6 ton hoist. The 10 ton is essentially the same but has a larger frame and power unit. 

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