12" Stump Planer Auger for 2" Hex Drive

ToolTuff Direct

SKU: 36-000

Our 2" hex drive stump planer auger is a powerful stump removal tool. Safely grind stumps down without the mess, noise and danger that a conventional stump grinder produces.

Our high-quality alloy cutting edges are engineered and designed to last. They can easily be removed and sharpened when needed. These cutting edges receive exceptional support from our robust 3/4" flighting, which also helps in removing shavings from the blades, maintaining constant contact with the stump. Additionally, our durable spiral center point is designed to pull the stump auger into the stump, reducing the need for excessive downward pressure. The heavy-duty center point can be easily replaced as well.

Note: The 12" stump planing auger requires an earth auger drive unit that can produce at least 3,000 foot-pounds of torque, verify system before purchasing.

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