Tool-Tuff Gas Powered 2-Person-Operated Post Hole Digger Head, 63cc / 3 hp Easy-Starting Two Stroke Engine (Digger Head only!)

ToolTuff Direct


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Specifications: (NO AUGER INCLUDED!)

  • 63cc, 2-stroke air-cooled motor - EPA Certified
  • 3 horsepower
  • 2-Person Operation
  • Lightweight & easy to start, this digger is ideal for installing fence posts, planting trees, building decks and can be used for ice fishing
  • 2-stroke oil / gasoline mixing ratio:1:40
  • Compatible with augers/drill bits with 3/4" diameter shank and 3/8" cotter pin/shear bolt
  • Fuel primer bulb for fast and controlled starting
  • Pull-cord hand-operated starting
  • Metal handles protect the engine from damage when in storage or at rest on the job-site
  • Quiet operation
  • Includes tool kit for basic maintenance, and fuel mixing bottle
  • Idle speed (Engine, before gearbox): 2800 RPM
  • Max RPM (Engine, before gearbox): 8800 RPM
  • Clutch-engagement speed (Engine RPM): 3900 RPM
  • Electronic/magneto ignition
  • 1 Year Warranty!

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