Tool-Tuff Heavy Duty Post Hole Digger Gearbox - Direct Replacement for Tool-Tuff Model 1500, AgKNX Model 1500, SpeeCo, CountyLine, Many Other Brands

ToolTuff Direct


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This gearbox is a 75 horsepower, right angle gearbox used on many post hole digger attachments. This gearbox is a direct replacement for a number of manufacturers. Just check the measurements on yours to make sure it's a direct fit.


- 75 HP Rating

- Includes Guards

- 3:1 Ratio

- 1-1/4" Round Input Shaft w/ 3/8" mounting hole

- 2" Round Output Shaft with dual 1/2" holes for mounting augers

- 7/8" Mounting Pin, 7-1/2" Long

- Mounting ears 5-3/8" inside & 6-5/8" outside to outside.  

- Durable black paint

- 75 lbs

- SHIPPED WITHOUT OIL ( 80W-90 Gear Oil)


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