TrencherPro Trencher, 20" Cutting Depth, Husqvarna K770, Sold With and Without Cart

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SKU: 26-193

The TrencherPro is a light weight, compact, and extremely versatile trencher. Capable of digging trenches 20" deep for irrigation, wire/cable installation, landscaping and tree root removal.

The TrencherPro utilizes the top-of-the-line Husqvarna K770.

The TrencherPro includes 2 cutting chains capable of ripping through tree roots, clay, sand and rocky soil conditions. Depending on the soil conditions the TrencherPro will cut a trench 1.5-2" wide. 

The TrencherPro Cart is not a must but is an extremely helpful add-on. The trencher its self is very maneuverable but can be tiring to use on long stretches. The TrencherPro Cart allows the trencher to be used without holding it which can be difficult for some. The trencher attaches in seconds to the trencher cart and will increase productivity, reduce effort and help maintain a consistent depth. 

- Husqvarna K770 with trencher attachment
- 20" chain bar with 6-tooth sprocket (universal sprocket for a wide variety of soil types including rocky soil conditions)
- 20" chain bar guard
- 2 cutting chains
- 11-tooth sprocket (not ideal for rocky conditions)
- TrencherPro Cart (depending on product selection)
- Owner's manual

The owner's manual can be found here

A video of the trencher in action can be seen here

**Trencher is sold with and without the cart


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