Hydraulic Log Splitter Valve, 25 gpm, 3500 psi, Adjustable Detent & Auto-Return A7 (MOST COMMON VALVE)

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SKU: 31-284

Log Splitter Valve, Adjustable Detent.

 This is the valve used on most log splitters. The other detent valve (our C5 valve) is the same valve, except the inlet/outlet ports are on opposite sides.  This is the valve used on most SpeeCo, Huskee, MTD branded, and many, many other splitters.  Look at the valve schematic, and if it matches up to yours, this is the valve for you!

Single spool, Open center.

  • Max pressure rating: 3500psi.
  • Relief valve set at 3100psi but is adjustable.
  • Working ports ½”NPT.
  • In/Out ports ¾” NPT
  • Detent Pressure set at 700 psi but is adjustable.
  • Compatible with most splitters (SpeeCo, MTD, Brave, Swisher etc)
  • Threaded end cap for easy detent adjustment


This is the next generation in log splitter valves. The detent is usually what wears out and causes valves to fail. This valve allows user to adjust the kick out pressure to what they need and as detent balls and grooves wear.

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