LO90 "Lovejoy" Style 3-Jaw Coupler (W/BONUS EXTRA SPIDER!) For Hydraulic, Electric or Internal Combustion Engine Power Transmission Applications (I.E. Log Splitter)

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SKU: 30-363

Choose Your LO90 Shaft Size Preferences From the Drop-Down Menus! 

All Have Square, Non-Tapered Keyways Standard To the Selected Shaft Sizes!

These 3-Jaw style couplers made famous by LoveJoy are available through us in the LO75 and LO90 sizes most commonly used in hydraulic power transmissions from small engines (3 hp to 25 hp).These couplings do not require lubrication or maintenance, and have been a long-time standard for light and medium duty electrical motor and gasoline/diesel engine power transmission.

These Couplers Are:

- Versatile

- Fail-safe (will keep transmitting power even if the rubber spider is damaged - It'll get noisy! But you'll keep running and there will be no damage to your equipment)

- Can accommodate reasonable shaft misalignment or angular mis-alignment

Applications include use with:

- Log Splitters

- Pumps 

- Gear boxes

- Compressors

- Blowers and Fans

- Mixing Equipment

- Conveyor Systems

- Mowing Equipment

- Virtually anything....


Choose your crankshaft size from the dropdown menu.  Our LO90 sizes are good for engines from 8 hp up to about 25 hp. For engines between 3 and 8 hp, use an LO75 size. 

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