Log splitter Build KIT: MTD Trunnion Cylinder, 918-0769A/718-0769, 4-1/2" OEM With Valve & Hose Combo new NF

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SKU: 30-305

Replacement for MTD 4-1/2” hydraulic log splitter cylinder.

This cylinder is OEM for Troy Built, Cub Cadet, Bolens, and MTD “Trunion Mount” log splitters.

Used on 25 Ton thru 28 Ton units.

Quick Specifications:

Brand New MTD 918-0769A/718-0769 Hydraulic Cylinder
All welded design
Trunion mount.
Double acting
Re-buildable (seals can be replaced)
24" stroke
4-1/2" diameter bore
3500 maximum operating pressure
Painted black
Ships via Fed-Ex ground to the lower 48 states only.
We are a USA seller and our cylinders are in stock ready to ship!!
This will fit the following:
24AF510B790 21-Ton (2005)

24AF570C022 GS-27-T 27-Ton (2002)
24AF570L790 27-Ton (2005)
24AF570L790 LS-27W (2005-2)
24BF510B004 (2009)
24BF510B090 21-Ton (2007), 24BF510B090 LS-21WH (2007)
24BF510B790 21-Ton (2006), LS21 24BF510B790 21-Ton (2006)
24BF510E204 (2009)
24BF510E290 21-Ton (2007)
24BF550M006 (2009)
24BF550M006 (2010)
24BF570F204 (2009)
24BF570F290 27-Ton (2007)
24BF570F299 (247.77641) (2009)
24BF570F299 (247.77641) (2010)
24BF570L004 (2009)
24BF570L090 27-Ton (2007), 24BF570L090 LS-27WH (2007)
24BF570L099 (247.77640) (2009)
24BF570L099 (247.77640) (2010)
24BF570L790 27-Ton (2006), LS27 24BF570L790 27-Ton (2006)

Log Splitter Valve, Adjustable Detent, Replacement for newer MTD/Cub Cadet/Bolens Splitters.

This valve is a direct replacement for newer model's as far as ports. It is superior in regards to function with adjustable detent.

Replaces: 718-04739P and 718-04606P

Single spool, Open center.

· Max pressure rating: 3500psi.

· Relief valve set at 3100 psi but is adjustable.

· Screw off end cap for easily detent pressure adjustability.

· IN/OUT ports; SAE 8 ORB

This is the next generation in log splitter valves. The detent is usually what wears out and causes valves to fail. This valve allows user to adjust the kick out pressure to what they need and as detent balls and grooves wear.



1x JIC to NPT 1/2" 90 deg elbow (valve to hose)

1x JIC male to JIC female 1/2" 90 deg elbow (hose to cylinder)

1x NPT to NPT 1/2 male (valve to cylinder)

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