Tool Tuff Gas Powered Pole Chain Saw, 8' - 14' Telescoping Reach, 22.5 cc 2-Stroke - The REAL DEAL!

ToolTuff Direct

SKU: 42-006

Tool-Tuff 22.5cc Gas-Powered Pole Chainsaw, 8' - 14' Telescoping Reach 

Sick of flimsy, collapsible trimmers that seem to be in a constant state of falling apart? Get this! One-piece HD main shaft, with telescoping portion out to 14' for extra hard-to reach branches.

2-cycle gas engine, 22.5 cc

Extends from 8' to 14' 

Nicely Balanced Machine

Electronic ignition

30:1 mix ratio gas:oil

Oregon chain

10" bar

6 month parts-replacement warranty.



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