Tool Tuff Log Splitter Build Kit: 7.5 hp Electric Start Engine, 13 GPM Pump, Auto-Return Valve, Mount & Bolts - For DIY Build or Repair!

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Introducing the Latest Edition of Plug-and-Play Log Splitter Build Kits from Tool-Tuff Direct!  

Use the kit to refresh your old, leaky, temperamental splitter or build a new one from scratch!

Please Note: This kit is shipped in multiple packages - All packages might not be delivered the same day

You've seen our hydraulic combo kits around for years, and we're now proud to offer our own line of reliable, easy-starting gasoline engines as part of the combos.  We've tested these engines against Kohler, Briggs & Stratton and a handful of other makes, and have proven ours to be just as reliable in all conditions, AND better starting in the DEEP COLD that can sometimes come with wood splitting activities. Of course, they run just as well in the heat for those that prepare for the winter well in advance! They seem to always start right up, even when we've left old gas in them for a year! (not that you should ever do that!). 

We have many varieties of these kits and components, so if you don't see exactly what you want, search our other listings or feel free to contact us!

This Listing Includes:

  1. Tool-Tuff Easy-Starting 7.5 hp 4-cycle gasoline engine with Electric Start
  2. 13 GPM 2-stage hydraulic pump for log splitters
  3. Auto-Return Adjustable Detent Valve "A7"
  4. Mounting bracket to connect engine to pump
  5. All necessary hardware to connect pump, mount and engine. 
  6. Commercial-duty LO75 Lovejoy style 3-Jaw coupler and rubber spider (with set screws included)
  7. Assembly Instructions

Product Details:


  1. Tool Tuff Direct 7.5 Horsepower, Easy-Starting Recoil W/Electric Start, 212cc 4-Stroke Gasoline Engine

      Specifications: (Dimensional drawings in the listing photos!)

- 7.5 hp

- 8.85 ft-lb torque

- 212cc displacement

- Electric Starter Combined with Easy starting recoil system for backup

- Battery leads/cables/clamps included

- Air-cooled

- 3.6 L fuel capacity

- 0.6 L Oil sump capacity

- 3/4" diameter shaft, 2-7/16" length

- Dual fill ports (one on either end of the engine - Gives you a couple options to work with!)


- Designed to work with fuels containing up to 10% ethanol

- Standard mounting pattern on crankshaft side and on bottom

- 2" x 2" 4-bolt mounting pattern on crankshaft side for your hydraulic pump, etc.

- Full line of replacement parts available

- 6 month warranty!

- Fuel shutoff valve for keeping that carb clean during storage and keeping it from flooding during transport


  1. 13 GPM Commercial Duty 2-Stage Hydraulic Pump for Log Splitters

-  Stages: 2
-  GPM: 13
-  Construction: Extrusion Aluminum
-  Max. Operation Speed: 3600RPM
-  Max. Operation Pressure: 4000PSI
-  Shaft Extension: 1.5"
-  Shaft Diameter: 1/2"
-  Keyed Shaft: 1/8" Square
-  Inlet Port: 1.0" Diameter Tube
-  Outlet Port: 1/2" NPT

3.  Auto-Return Adjustable Detent Log Splitter Valve

This valve is a 2-way operation Log Splitter valve

- Direction 1:  Actuate lever by hand, release it and it returns to neutral. 

- Direction 2:  Actuate lever by hand, release it and it stays in the actuated position (active) until the hydraulic cylinder bottoms out (or otherwise senses a spike in hydraulic pressure), at which time the detent will kick the lever back to the neutral position (inactive)

-  Single spool, Open center.

- Max pressure rating: 4000 psi.

- Relief valve set at 3100psi but is adjustable between 1000 psi and 4000 psi

- Working ports ½”NPT.

- In/Out ports ¾” NPT

- Detent Pressure set at 700 psi but is adjustable. (Detent accessed by removing end cap)

- Compatible with most log splitters (SpeeCo, MTD, Brave, Swisher etc) but can be used for any DIY hydraulics project

This is the next generation in 2 way hydraulic detent valves. The detent is usually what wears out and causes valves to fail. This valve allows user to adjust the kick out pressure to what they need and as detent balls and grooves wear.

4.  Mounting Bracket/Mount for up to 8 Hp Engines

-  Engine Side Holes: 3-9/16" bolt circle (4 hole pattern) OR 2-1/2" center to center hole distance measured horizontal or vertically (square)
-  Pump Side Hole: 2-3/4" bolt circle (8 hole pattern) OR 2" center to center hole distance measured horizontal or vertically
-  Height: 4-1/16"
-  Coupler clearance hole is 1.790"
-  Square engine side clearance hole is 2" x 2"
-  Powder Coated
-  Sand casted part - will have sand casted texture - pump and engine mount surfaces are machined smooth


  1. All Necessary Hardware to Connect the Pump and Engine

     -  This kit comes with the hardware required to connect the pump and the engine

     -  Engine Side Bolts: 4 bolts and 4 lock-washers

     -  Pump Side Bolts:  4 bolts, 2 lock washers and 2 nuts


  1. LO75 LoveJoy Style 3-Jaw Coupler W/ Rubber Spider & Set Screws

     -  Commercial duty LO75 3-Jaw coupler

     -  Connects pump shaft (1/2" Dia) and engine shaft (3/4" Dia)

     -  Set screws provided (put removable thread locker on them before installation)


  1. Assembly Instructions

     -  Step by Step Instructions to get you going.

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