Trencher Pro Conversion Kit for Husqvarna K770 and K970 Power Cutters

ToolTuff Direct

SKU: 51-073

Do you already own a Husqvarna K770 or K970 power cutter? Now you can easily convert it to a Trencher Pro with our Trencher Pro Conversion Kit. 

Experience the convenience of adapting your existing equipment for specialized trenching tasks without the need for additional machinery.

Unmatched cutting efficiency and accuracy as our Trencher Pro effortlessly digs through soil, creating clean and uniform trenches. No more manual labor or time-consuming trenching – let the power cutter and adapter duo do the hard work for you.

Whether you're in construction, landscaping, or any industry requiring trenching, our adapter offers unmatched versatility. Tackle diverse projects confidently, knowing you have the right tool for the job.

The attachment kit comes complete with a cutting bar, 2 cutting chains, sprockets, drive belt, pulley, adapter plate and an easy installation manual.

TrencherPro will cut a trench 1 3/4 (standard chain) or 2 1/4" wide (wide chain sold separately).

The Trencher Pro Cart is not a must but is an extremely helpful add-on. The trencher itself is very maneuverable but can be tiring to use on long stretches. The Trencher Pro Cart allows the trencher to be used without holding it which can be difficult for some. The trencher attaches in seconds to the trencher cart and will increase productivity, reduce effort, and help maintain a consistent depth. 

  •  Precision-engineered for durability
  •  Unmatched cutting efficiency and accuracy
  •  Versatile for a wide range of trenching applications
  •  User-friendly design for quick and easy setup
  • The TrencherPro Conversion Kit includes 2 cutting chains

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