PTO Link HD Quick-Connect System - Safety Plunger Pin (Recommended Spare)

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  • INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Prior to installing the plunger pin, first install the PTO Link plates and couple the male and female plates together (see more details in product description).
  • INSTALL PLUNGER PIN by inserting the pin through both plates, starting from the tractor side, towards the implement side. The wedge of the plunger pin (now emerging from the implement side plate) will release its internal spring and secure both plates together.
  • TO UNINSTALL: Depress the wedge tip and push the end of the pin toward the tractor. Then, pull the head of the emerging pin through the plates from the tractor side, releasing the pin from the mated plates.
  • QUICK INSTALL and REMOVAL: Once accustomed to the Safety Plunger Pin, your process to reinstall and uninstall will take only a few seconds.
  • STORAGE: When the PTO Link system is not in use, affix the safety plunger pin through the 1⁄2” opening on the tractor or implement plate for convenient storage. NOTE: A Plunger Pin is included with every Tractor (Female) plate. We RECOMMEND keeping a couple of SPARE pins since they are a stand-alone pin and can be easily misplaced while not in use. DIMENSIONS: 1.5” L x 0.625” W

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