Tool-Tuff 7-Gallon Hydraulic Fluid Reservoir Tank, Horizontal-Mount, w/Temp Gauge, Sight-Gauge & Breather/Strainer Fill Cap

ToolTuff Direct

SKU: 31-108

The Tool-Tuff line of versatile hydraulic fluid reservoirs are factory leak-tested and include many features to help make your DIY project or repair a success.

Features & Specs:

  • 7-Gallon Fluid Capacity
  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Built-in Sight Gauge/Temp Gauge Combo
  • Factory Leak-Tested
  • Heavy Duty 12 ga Sheet Metal Construction
  • 1" wide fill port
  • Dual 1.25" NPT threaded¬†ports
  • One 2" NPT threaded port
  • 4-hole mounting plates on each side (max 7.875" apart between the two outer holes, and the holes in between are 2" apart).¬† Center-Center Distance between the two mounting brackets across the tank is 16"
  • 40 micron breather cap
  • Drain plug is not included, the port is a 7/8"-18 SAE, plug can be found at most auto stores.
  • Internally baffled¬†
  • Dimensions:¬† 17.5" wide¬†(including bracket width)x 14" long x 12" high (14.5" high with cap)
  • Weight: 41.5 lb
  • Comes with poly plugs for all ports (may not be rated for use in all applications, but it'll keep it from leaking on it's way to you)
  • 6-month warranty

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