Tool Tuff 5gal, 7gpm, 900psi Gas-Powered Hydraulic Power Unit, Mobile Power Pack Station - Ships UNASSEMBLED

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The Tool-Tuff Portable Hydraulic Power Station
From Tool-Tuff Direct - Your Source for Affordable Hydraulics Since 2012!

The Tool-Tuff PHP is the perfect solution to your mobile hydraulic power needs.  Powered by a small gasoline engine and 7 GPM hydraulic pump, the PHP is used to power grain conveyors, hydraulic motors, auger systems, lifts, dump trailers or anything else that runs off of hydraulic power.
- Powered by our trusted house-brand AgKNX Engine. (Choose from the Drop-down menu)
- Delivers up to 7.1 gallons per minute (GPM) at 900 psi (pressure is adjustable)
- Two-way control valve features a detent on one output port so you can keep your equipment under pressure without holding your hand on it. When pressed in the opposite direction the valve actuates as long as you have your hand on it. (no detent)
- Dual 1/2" Ag quick connect fittings supplied (one male, one female)
- 5.6 Gal capacity
- Removable handle on one end, (welded handle on the other)
- Rubber feet/isolators
- Magnetic drain plug
- 40 micron 1/4-turn breather cap (picture shows old-style breather cap, this one is supplied with the new 1/4-turn gasketed cap w/strainer)
- 6-month warranty

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